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You've probably heard by now. I have a new series out: The Barlow Trilogy. First book in the series is BARLOW DEFINITION OF FLAWLESS. Watch the video on this page to get a glimpse of what's inside. It's so filled with life, exaggerated with mystery, fantasy, spirituality, disappointment, laughter and love. Family love, friendship love, Godly love and of course Romantic love. But there can't be a whole lotta love without a little bit of hate. With hate comes jealousy or vice versa. I guarantee YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT! Don't take my word for it, check out the reviews. Click below. 

In this captivating story Robert Barlow has lost his cherished wife, Rececca just six years into their young marriage at the age of twenty-four. It was the worst pain he has ever experienced. Unable to get over her death for the next twenty-six years, he built his massive multi-billion-dollar empire on the pain of losing her; tormenting himself in his own guilt and unforgiveness. Now, on the verge of early retirement at the age of fifty, he's leaving it all behind in the trusted hands of lifelong friend, Alan Ferguson, to venture into a world of travel. He was quite content with sharing his adventure with his beloved mother-figure, Ethel Middleton, who raised him in the stead of his deceased mother, but then...


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"Don't be afraid to lose yourself in fantasy. When you return to reality, it will be a lot easier to deal with." 

DM Williams

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