Barlow Definition of Flawless

Book 1 in The Barlow Trilogy

Rob Barlow lost his wife six years into their young marriage. It was the worst pain he had ever experience. Becky was the love of his life. 
Unable to bare the pain, he gave up on the God he once believed in, vowed never to forgive himself and buried himself in his work. In doing so, he built an empire he never once imagined.
Guilt held him captive. He had no desire to ever love again. Contemplating an early retirement twenty-six years later, he faces the most wonderful dilemma he could ever imagine. It came in the form of a beautifully simple country girl. He didn't understand why he was so drawn to her. What does she possess that no other woman has? He would soon get his answer.

It would only make him want her all the more.

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