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When I read some of the things in Barlow Definition of Flawless, I just laughed, laughed, laughed. And the characters seem so real. Especially Barlow the main character. 


Walter S.


Barlow Definition of Flawless

Wow! Loved, loved, loved. By the end I was crying right along with Barlow, Chasidy, Al and Mic. My sister bought this for me and I read the book in two nights! It was engaging, funny, sad and touching all rolled into one. Was so sad to come to the end. This is a love that binds. Would certainly read more from this author. 


Angel J.


Editorial Reviews

Book Viral Reviews: Family Saga Reviews

"An immersive and exciting read from D.M. Williams"

Taking its readers deep into the souls of its characters in an immersive and exciting read, D.M Williams’ latest novel ‘Barlow-Definition of Flawless’, steps outside the boundaries of normality as it takes us on a journey of whirlwind romance, thrilling mystery and endless twists and turns, whilst filling the spaces between with the day-to-day business of living.
Barlow, the reluctant owner of the title ‘Batchelor of the Year’ for three years running, is all set to stay that way until a chance meeting sweeps the rug from beneath him as he falls hopelessly head over heels for the tiny but feisty Chasity Weems. With endearing tenderness, Chasity’s maturity and understanding breaks through his self-made veneer as the two become inseparable, only to be torn apart by the jealousy of others. Click the icon to read the full review.

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